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π Speaker System Prices, Dimensions and Specifications

Description Woofer size Configuration Max PWR Sensitivity Max SPL Cabinet Size Price Kit Price
one π bass reflex 8" Two-way 100Wrms 94dB 113dB 18"x12"x8" starting at $600.00 $135.00
two π bass reflex 10" Two-way 100Wrms 95dB 115dB 22"x15"x10" starting at $700.00 $150.00
two π tower 10" Two-way 100Wrms 95dB 115dB 46"x16"x13" starting at $1000.00 $150.00
three π bass reflex 12" Two-way 300Wrms 95dB 120dB 30"x20"x14" starting at $1200.00 starting at $400.00
four π bass reflex 15" Two-way 600Wrms 98dB 123dB 26"x18"x14" starting at $1400.00 starting at $480.00
six π corner horn 12" Three-way 300Wrms 101dB 126dB 56"x18"x30" starting at $3000.00 starting at $520.00
seven π corner horn 15" Three-way 600Wrms 104dB 129dB 54"x18"x30" starting at $3500.00 starting at $570.00
eight π horn 10" Two-way 100Wrms 98dB 120dB 40"x26"x17" starting at $2500.00 starting at $350.00

three π subwoofer 12" Subwoofer 400Wrms 90dB 115dB 20"x20"x20" $600.00 $175.00
12 π hornsub 12" Subwoofer 1600Wrms 107dB 137dB 45"x45"x28" $3200.00 starting at $350.00

Sensitivity (1W/1M) and Max SPL specifications taken from halfspace or groundplane measurements for all speakers except cornerhorns, which are measured in a trihedral corner.

Prices shown are for finished individual speakers and for kits. When complete speakers are ordered as pairs a "left" and a "right" set will be delivered unless requested otherwise. If a single finished speaker is ordered, please specify which side is desired.

Kits include the speaker drivers, the connector panel, hook up wires, "π" logo decal and a printed copy of the plans. For larger speakers that incorporate a compression tweeter and crossover network, kits also include the crossover, Zobel woofer damper, and all cable assemblies are completed and ready to install. Every kit containing a compression driver also includes the horn flare and the bolts to mount the driver to the horn.

Prices do not include charges for shipping and handling. Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

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Helpful Documents and Software

π Speaker Whitepaper explains the concepts and evolution of modern waveguide and constant directivity loudspeakers
π Speaker Crossover Document analysis of circuits used in waveguide and constant directivity loudspeakers
"Crossover Electronics 101" Seminar Handout
JBL Professional Sound System Design Manual
Passive Crossover Spice models, complete with the AIM Spice modeling program
Pialign Analysis Software to help you design your enclosures. This is the old Altair original from 1977.
Plot the response curve of your design with Carlson's BoxPlot program
Plot the response curve of horns with the HornResp program
Convert Metric and Imperial measurements with the Madison Measurement Converter

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