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12π  Basshorn Subwoofer

Our 12π basshorn subwoofer is the result of hundreds of hours of extensive development and testing. We believe it is the best basshorn sub available. This remarkable subwoofer was conceived with a singular purpose:  To be the very best there is. 12Pi hornsub with push/pull drive

The 12π is available as a finished product, assembled and ready to go. It is also available as a flat pack kit, made on an extremely precise CNC machine. This shifts the cost of assembly and makes the 12π extremely affordable, for those that have the time and inclination to assemble loudspeaker cabinets themselves.

The designer, Wayne Parham, spent literally hundreds of hours designing, testing and retesting to find the best horn flare contour, best front and rear chamber, best drive configuration and best cooling system, which is patented. His journey to find excellence is an interesting story, all by itself. We invite you to read about it by clicking the links below.

12π development and construction

Test results and related information

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Helpful Documents and Software

π Speaker Whitepaper explains the concepts and evolution of modern waveguide and constant directivity loudspeakers
π Speaker Crossover Document analysis of circuits used in waveguide and constant directivity loudspeakers
"Crossover Electronics 101" Seminar Handout
JBL Professional Sound System Design Manual
Passive Crossover Spice models, complete with the AIM Spice modeling program
Pialign Analysis Software to help you design your enclosures. This is the old Altair original from 1977.
Plot the response curve of your design with Carlson's BoxPlot program
Plot the response curve of horns with the HornResp program
Convert Metric and Imperial measurements with the Madison Measurement Converter

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