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π Constant-Directivity Corner Horns

Constant-Directivity Cornerhorns Constant-Directivity Cornerhorns

The π cornerhorn radiates a uniform 90 horizontal pattern, set by the horns and confined by the walls. The vertical pattern is limited to 40, which reduces unwanted reflections from the ceiling and floor. This arrangement provides the most uniform directivity possible.

Uniform directivity ensures spectral balance everywhere throughout the room. Stereo imaging is best when the listener sits behind the crossing of the forward axis of a stereo pair. It provides natural counter-balance when the listener moves left or right, because the nearer speaker becomes further off-axis. That tends to make both speakers sound equal, even when you are not sitting directly between them.

The overall sound quality that results from this setup is nothing short of breathtaking. When π cornerhorns are installed in the corners of suitable rooms, everything comes into focus. Coverage through the entire audio bandwidth is uniform, and early reflections are reduced because the pattern is bound by the walls rather than being reflected by them. Stereo balance and imaging are greatly enhanced by the natural tendency of these speakers to equalize sound levels coming from the left and right, even when not sitting directly between them. Imaging is delicate, sound is natural and balanced everywhere in the listening area, not just in one spot.

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